Citrix XenApp Seamless Configuration Settings

This is a must read for every XenApp administrator!

This article outlines currently available server-side seamless configuration settings in the registry that can be used to control specific seamless session functionality. This includes controlling the interaction and display of specified application windows as well as settings with the seamless environment itself.

Under most circumstances, the default server settings suffice for the majority of applications. This facility allows an administrator to have a more granular control over seamless sessions that might be required with some applications or in some deployments.

There are three sections:

Seamless Global Registry Flags
Seamless Per Application Window Registry Flags

Additional Seamless Registry Settings

Each setting has a required Citrix platform version and patch level in order for the setting to be available.

Note: The contents of this document are subject to change at any time. This document is updated when new settings become available or are modified.

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