Citrix XenClient and why Synchronizer for XenClient is a must have

Many customers I’m dealing with, currently are in a POC phase or are running a Pilot to get a first hand experience on a real type 1 hypervisor.
However, many of these engineers / architects say: I’m still prototyping my VM’s for various use cases so I’m spending the engineering time on the endpoint and will start looking at the back-end piece once I got more time.

That doesn’t sounds quite right for me… Because I experienced, that there’s no additional time needed really, you actually save time on the very first day when start using Synchronizer for XenClient. I personally only have two notebooks, where one of them is not being used currently, however I couldn’t survive WITHOUT Synchronizer for XenClient.

So why you should use Synchronizer for XenClient

  • 1st of all Synchronizer for XenClient will be installed in a few minutes!
  • It’s just so easy to deploy a new desktop
  • It allows a single image architecture
  • It implements and automates an easy backup method
  • It has an efficient way to update your image using compressed block level differentials
  • Your users will be enabled with a self service technology
    (provision a new desktop or recover an existing one including all user data)

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