Citrix XenMobile 10 announced at Summit

XenMobile 10

Citrix has announced a upcoming new release of XenMobile enterprise mobility management (EMM) solution at Citrix Summit 2015. XenMobile 10 optimizes the mobility experience for end users while automating and simplifying the IT deployment and management process. This release includes compelling design enhancements for streamlined workflows, which are part of the XenMobile suite of integrated productivity apps, enabling users to have the best business experience on their mobile devices. For IT teams, the new release delivers a unified EMM platform that simplifies the management and deployment of mobile apps, data and devices, offering businesses the flexibility and security to scale easily and support a growing mobile workforce.

Enterprise mobility initiatives have become a fundamental way of securely supporting workforce productivity, increasing business agility and enabling globalization and scale. As mobile growth continues, enterprises require a scalable and flexible infrastructure to manage and support an influx of mobile devices and applications. At the same time, there is immense pressure on IT to provide access to apps and data on any mobile device that combine security with a superior and familiar user experience.

XenMobile stands apart from other offerings based on experience, security and flexibility in every aspect of product design and development. This differentiated focus makes it a best for business mobility solution for both employees and IT administrators.

Experience higher productivity with ‘optimized for business’ workflows
XenMobile offers the most complete set of business productivity apps that deliver an optimized business experience for mobile users. The new release features multiple design enhancements improving the overall experience for power users and enabling them to create new workflows with the XenMobile suite of integrated business apps. These include: WorxMail, WorxWeb, WorxNotes, WorxEdit, WorxDesktop and ShareFile.

For example:

  • The new integration between WorxNotes and Exchange enables syncing of Outlook Notes on desktops with WorxNotes on the mobile devices, keeping all notes in one place for secure storage and retrieval from any desktop or mobile device anytime, anywhere.
  • The integration of WorxNotes and ShareFile creates a simple workflow for secure document capture and storage. The WorxNotes application allows users to create notes from text, audio and images or videos captured by the device camera. These always remain part of the secure note, which is automatically synced to ShareFile. Healthcare service providers can use these secure workflows to drive productivity for their mobile workforce, while advancing their HIPPA regulatory objectives.  

The new XenMobile release also provides mobile users with a new and easy to use Self Service Portal for managing important tasks, such as tracking, locking and wiping lost or stolen devices. Based on Citrix testing, this can result in an estimated 20 percent reduction in IT help desk tickets from mobile users, which in turn, lowers IT operations costs and gives control to the end users.

End to end security minimizes the risk of deploying enterprise mobility
In addition to securing the mobile device, productivity apps and data storage, the new XenMobile release delivers enhancements to secure the interactions between the device, the network gateway and the servers. The new release supports strong authentication for applications using RSA Adaptive Authentication, a leading risk based authentication and fraud detection platform, and provides support for FIPS 140.2 advanced encryption, which is based on the U.S. government security standards.  Specifically, these new enhancements strengthen the encryption between device to network and network to server connections, and also, secure the administrative console connections.

Flexibility for IT and better time to value with a Single Plane of Control
The new release of XenMobile simplifies IT administration tasks, from enrolling, provisioning, configuring and deploying to troubleshooting of the entire mobility stack, including devices, apps and the infrastructure. The latest release unifies the server infrastructure for mobile device management (MDM) with mobile application management (MAM).  This provides IT administrators a single plane of control to efficiently manage apps and devices from a single virtual server. 


Citrix tests show that with the unified infrastructure, IT can deliver better time to value for the business by managing the mobile devices, apps and data in half the time, while also lowering IT costs by reducing the need for hardware and VM licenses. The single management console speeds up the deployment time by 75 percent with reduced number of steps needed to configure and complete the setup.  For example, IT can now create one policy and apply it across all platforms and devices, including iOS, Android and Windows Phone. In addition, the integration with NetScaler® gateway extends IT’s view into the network infrastructure from the same unified console, which helps administrators manage automated connectivity checks of multiple systems that are part of the mobility environment.