EdgeSight for Load Testing vs Active Application Monitoring

For the past 3 months I’ve been involved with a application and xenapp server performance test project, and the platform is running on XenApp 5, and the Platinum package.
When we first started I came across a general question from many of project collegues which was what is the difference between EdgeSight for Load Testing and Citrix EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring.
Well, I did some checking around and got the following answer to this question:

EdgeSight for Load Testing is an automated load and performance testing solution for Citrix XenApp and Presentation Server environments. The product extends the application performance visibility that Citrix EdgeSight for XenApp provides by introducing pre-production application performance tools. There is support for counters(perfmon) like monitoring in ESLT, and also Alarms and a Monitor.

Citrix EdgeSight Active Application Monitoring is an automated performance testing tool that periodically samples critical application transactions to monitor the availability and responsiveness of virtualized applications, providing insight into application performance and end-user experience.

To sum that up in something that can sound a bit more easy. ESLT measures scalability and load tests in XA, while AAM monitors virtualized application availability.