How to Change the Software Open iSCSI IQN in Citrix XenServer

This article contains information about how to identify and change the software iSCSI initiator IQN in the database and the initiatorname.iscsi file.

By default a random IQN is generated when you install XenServer. The IQN is a requirement when running iSCSI to identify the XenServer on the iSCSI network.
It is necessary to change the software iSCSI initiator IQN on XenServer if you do not want the default value or if you require a customized IQN.

Note: It is necessary to create the file /etc/iscsi/initiatorname.iscsi if it does not exist.

To identify the current IQN and change it in the database and file, complete the following procedure.

  • Ensure that there are no running virtual machines on the current storage repository (SR) that is configured with software open-iscsi initiator.
    : Connections might be interrupted and the Windows Blue Screen(BSoD) errors or Stop errors might appear on the virtual machines. Therefore, ensure that the virtual machines are not running.
  • Open XenCenter and from the pool select the XenServer for which you want to change the IQN. Note the current IQN.

  • Select the Console tab for XenServer.
  • Run the following command to find the XenServer UUID:
    xe host-list

  • Run the following command to set a new IQN in the XenServer database:
    xe host-param-set uuid=<host UUD> other-config:iscsi_iqn=<New IQN>

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