How to Configure Smart Cards with the Latest Version of Web Interface and XenApp

This article describes how to configure Smart Cards with the latest version of Web Interface and XenApp. This configuration does not involve Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise configuration. Refer to the Knowledge Center article, CTX124603 – How to Configure Smart Card Single Sign-On with Access Gateway Enterprise Edition for configurations related to Citrix Access Gateway Enterprise Edition.


Ensure that the following components are installed and configured:

  • Windows domain is correctly configured to work with Smart Card authentication. Refer to the article, Smart Cards on the Microsoft Web page for more information.
  • The XenApp servers acting as XML brokers have the Smart Card middleware installed.
  • The latest hotfix or hotfix rollup pack on all XenApp servers in the farm is installed.
  • The latest version of Web Interface is installed. Refer to the Downloads page, Citrix Downloads on the Citrix Website to download the latest version of Web Interface.
  • The Web Interface server is a part of the Windows domain.


Complete the following procedures to configure Smart Cards:

Configuring the XenApp Server

To configure the XenApp server, complete the following procedure:

  1. Open the Delivery Services Console.
    Note: Delivery Services Console is also known as the Access Management Console.
  1. Select the Trust requests sent to the XML Service option on the Server Properties dialog box of the XenApp server that is an XML broker, as shown in the following screen shot.
    For XenApp 6.0, create a computer policy that enables this XML service trust.
    Note: Shared XML service with IIS is only required if you use Pass-through with Smart Card and Kerberos. Otherwise, the XML service can function independently from the IIS server.

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