How to Configure SSL on XenDesktop 5 Controller to Secure XML Traffic

This article describes how to enable SSL on XenDesktop 5 controllers to secure XML traffic from Web Interface or Access Gateway, and how to configure your Web Interface site to secure the XML traffic. For Access Gateway communication, this secures the Secure Ticket Authority (STA) ticket that uses the XML service as well.

From the XenDesktop Controller

IIS Installed on XenDesktop Controller

In this scenario, the XenDesktop controller has IIS installed and functioning to serve Web Interface or other web services. To complete this setup, all you need is to request a Server Certificate and install it on IIS.

There are two ways to generate Server Certificates on IIS 7.x:

  • Create Certificate Request. This generates a CSR file to be submitted to a third-party Certification Authority (CA) or to your internal Microsoft CA. For more information, refer to this Microsoft TechNet article – Request an Internet Server Certificate (IIS 7)
  • Create Domain Certificate. This generates a CSR file and submit it to your domain registered Microsoft CA server. For more information, refer to this Microsoft TechNet article – Create a Domain Server Certificate on IIS 7

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