How to Create Extensions on Microsoft App-V with Citrix XenApp

Currently, File Type Associations on App-V applications using the XenApp App-V Integration Kit Conduit are not recognized by XenApp. The XenApp content redirection mechanism does not work in this type of setup. To configure File Type Associations on App-V applications, the administrator is required to use the App-V Management Server.

There are two ways to create extensions and extension associations:

  • On the Application Virtualization Management Console after the sequence package has been added to the server.
  • When creating a Sequence of the application on the App-V sequencer machine, or editing the sequence package.

This article demonstrates how to make the extension with the Application Virtualization Management Console; a similar procedure is done on the Sequencer.


  1. Log on to the App-V Management Server and open the Application Virtualization Management Console.

  1. Right click on File Type Associations and select New File Type Association.

  1. In the Extension field, enter the extension that you want to create. For example, if you desire a *.pdfexample file, then enter “pdfexample” without the period. Select Create a new file type with this description and type a brief description for the new extension.

  1. Select the application to work with this extension; also select the icon from the icon folder of the application being used. Click Finish and the extension for the application is created.

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