How to Use Microsoft PowerShell with Configuration Logging to Export Data with Citrix XenApp 6

Citrix is starting to take advantage of PowerShell component of the Microsoft Windows 2008 servers. This change was made with the idea to make Citrix products more flexible for Microsoft technologies, such as System Center.


Prepare PowerShell to understand Citrix commands.

When installing XenApp, the Citrix.Common.Commands library for PowerShell is also installed. To be used in PowerShell, call the library using the following procedure:

  1. Open PowerShell.

  1. Run Add-PSSnapin Citrix.Common.Commands.

  1. Run Get-Command -Module Citrix.Common.Commands.

With these steps, the Citrix.Common.Commands library is registered. Note: If the PowerShell is closed, it is possible that you might need to run these commands again.

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