Implementing XenServer and DataCore TechTalk Webinar

TechTalk draws on the knowledge of DataCore storage virtualization experts to help you with best practices for architecting high-availability (HA) solutions from both an architectural and implementation standpoint. Each topic is covered by in-depth discussions, real life case studies and live demonstrations in an action-packed 30 minutes.

Steve Parlee of Moose Logic, a DataCore Partner, will discuss best practices on how to set up XenServer 5.6 and DataCore SanMelody for HA environments that will help you slash downtime and business disruption for your customer’s environment. The focus will be on smaller deployments on a budget but with big enterprise quality design for maximum up time.

Steve Parlee is the Director of Engineering at Moose Logic.  He  has over 11 years working with Citrix products in Application Virtualization. As server and storage virtualization has become increasingly popular, Steve has done considerable work with all phases of virtualization over the past few years.  Steve has been a DCIE for 2 ½ years and has implemented over a dozen SANMelody with XenServer implementations into the enterprise

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