Inconsistent server host ID with Citrix Licensing Server 11.6.1

I’m building my demo center today, and came across a problem when I was going to import the .lic file. I’m bulding a demo center with XenServers and a NetApp box, and when I try to import the Essentials for XenServer license, it just gives me this message:

“Inconsistent server host ID in C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\license_xxxxxxx.lic”

Now, it actually seems that after doing some searches on the support forum of Citrix, that this is a known Issue.


This error is a known issue that is currently being investigated by Citrix.


Resolution 1:

Restart the Citrix Licensing service after importing the license file through the XenApp 6.0 License Administration Console.

– Or –

Resolution 2:

    1. Do not use the XenApp 6.0 License Administration Console.

    2. Manually paste the license file into C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\

    3. Restart the Citrix Licensing service.

I solved this problem by restarting the Server after importing the .lic file, and then it works. What I did was, that I tried both ways, I copied it into the \Citrix\Licensing\MyFiles\ and rebooted. That worked. I also tried the other method of importing it, and the restarting the server, that also worked.

Update: Also, I’ve tried to actually just uninstall the Citrix Licensing, and then boot. After a boot, install the Citrix Licensing again, and it works!

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