Pano Logic and Fujitsu Join Forces to Bring Zero Client Virtualized Computing to Enterprises Worldwide

Pano Logic, the leader in zero client desktop virtualization (VDI), today announced Fujitsu, a $47 billion global business solutions company, will integrate Pano Logic’s ground-breaking zero client virtual desktop technology into a new Fujitsu desktop computing solution. The new Fujitsu Zero Client delivers dramatic cost of ownership savings, energy efficiency and security advantages by completely centralizing computing onto virtualized servers while connecting users through the industry’s first truly zero client-enabled LCD monitor.

The Fujitsu Zero Client computing platform, which will be orderable in March, is a comprehensive software and hardware solution for plug-and-play virtual desktop computing that eliminates the need for a PC or thin client at the endpoint. IT managers enjoy a simplified infrastructure, managing all users from a single, centralized control interface that leverages their VMware infrastructures while end users access a familiar Windows environment directly through the monitor. Removing support and maintenance of an endpoint device and replacing it with a monitor embedded with Pano Logic technology slashes the total cost of ownership of computing dramatically while providing end users greater flexibility to access their virtual desktop from any Zero Client monitor connected to the network.

Embedded in the monitor will be Pano Logic’s zero client technology, which connects end users to their virtual machines that are 100 percent centralized on the server. With Pano Logic software operating the computing resources on the server, there is nothing at the endpoint — no processor, no operating system, no memory, no drivers, no software and no moving parts, resulting in absolutely zero endpoint management. No additional hardware results in a dramatic reduction in energy costs and demands on the power grid.

“In light of the advances Pano Logic has made in simplifying desktop virtualization, many of our customers around the world are considering overhauling their IT in order to reduce cost and complexity,” said Rajat Kakar, Vice President Clients Group, Fujitsu Technology Solutions. “By leveraging Pano Logic’s technology, we can provide customers with a practical and highly effective Zero Client solution that delivers dramatic savings in roll-out, support and management costs. Our customers are seeking next-generation technologies that provide them access to computing over internal, private clouds and ultimately over public clouds and, together with Pano Logic, we have built a solution to address these changing needs.”

“We’re delighted Fujitsu has recognized the benefits of true zero client computing, and what it brings to enterprises. By incorporating the Pano Logic zero client technology into monitors and fully centralizing desktop computing, Fujitsu is providing IT managers with a simple virtual desktop solution that significantly lowers overall total cost of ownership,” said John Kish, CEO, Pano Logic.  “We welcome others to use our open reference technology to expand customer choice in computing solutions, and eliminate the need for costly PC infrastructures.”

About Pano Logic
Founded in 2006, Pano Logic develops an integrated virtualization-based software and hardware solution that delivers a superior desktop computing experience. The company is privately held and backed by leading investment firms Foundation Capital, Goldman Sachs and Mayfield Fund. Pano Logic is headquartered in Menlo Park, California. For more information about Pano Logic, visit