Provisioned XenApp Servers Randomly Rebooting

Some customers have seen an issue with XenApp 5.0 servers created as Provisioned Targets (physical targets not virtual machines) through Citrix Provisioning Server. At random times, the servers were rebooting with no specific errors being recorded in the event log including no entries regarding stop codes.

The XenApp server configuration was as follows:

• HP DL380 G6 hardware

• Windows 2008 SP2 x64

• XenApp 5.0

• 24 Gigabytes of memory

• The server’s pagefile was configured to be placed on the local D: drive of the server as the system drive did not have enough space to hold the pagefile.

Troubleshooting Methodology

During initial troubleshooting, the servers were configured for a complete memory dump using the DumpConfigurator Windows Platform Tool in hopes of capturing a complete system memory dump when the issue occurred. Even though the server was configured properly for a complete memory dump, no dump file was being generated. Troubleshooting steps were taken to resolve this issue (see articles listed in More Information section for details).

In addition, as the servers were HP hardware, additional tools were installed such as Insight Manager and it was found that the Automatic Server Recovery feature (ASR) was enabled which might be preventing the memory dump file from being created. The ASR feature was disabled, still no memory dump file was being created during a spontaneous reboot event. However, the servers in question had integrated Lights-Out (iLo) boards installed; entries were seen in the iLo logs showing power being removed and restored to the server.


It seems there is an issue with the Programmable Logic Device on a limited number of HP DL380 G6 servers that might be causing the spontaneous server reboots.


If you are experiencing this issue with HP DL380 G6 class server hardware, refer to the following HP Customer Advisory notice to assist you in identifying affected servers and steps to resolve the issue: HP Customer Advisory C01955503