QuorumSoft releases Alike version 2.5 and introduces New Capability to Eliminate Citrix XenServer Snapshot Backup Problems


 Q-Hybrid Backup delivers a powerful alternative to XenServer Quiesced Backups.

QuorumSoft, a world leading provider of deduplicating archival solutions for virtualized environments, has announced a new product called Q-Hybrid, an innovative new way to perform backups without using XenServer snapshots.

Q-Hybrid leverages the powerful XenServer hypervisor-based backup capabilities in the QuorumSoft Alike. solution with an agent-like approach, which conducts application-consistent backups within Windows virtual machines (VMs).
In addition to addressing longstanding limitations of XenServer snapshots, Q-Hybrid bypasses XenServer hypervisor-based snapshots altogether, greatly reducing their storage overhead costs. 

“We developed Q-Hybrid to solve the persistent problems confronting companies that use Citrix XenServer snapshot-based backups,” said Phil Baskette, co-founder and CEO, Quorum Software, Inc. “Q-Hybrid solves two problems simultaneously. We reduce storage costs and we provide full application-consistent protection for all Windows operating systems.”

Q-Hybrid combines the flexibility of and manageability of the hypervisor with the strengths of an agent-based backup. The new feature also protects volumes within VMs that are not visible to hypervisor itself, including iSCSI-based guest drives.
The Q-Hybrid backup capability complements QuorumSoft.s existing Enhanced backup technology, a high performance and scalable agentless approach. Together, these approaches provide unmatched flexibility, power, and coverage for backing up XenServer environments.

Q-Hybrid is being launched as a key capability in a new version of the Alike Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. The new version, Alike v2.5, also delivers other improved capabilities, including:

  • Backup performance reporting capabilities that assist with capacity planning and help you visualize your resource usage over time.
  • A more powerful deduplication architecture that boosts performance in high latency and other network environments.
  • New ease of use features, including simplified features for performing single, ad-hoc backups, and user interface features.

More information:

More information on Alike v2.5 

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