Reduce User Logon Time with Citrix Workspace Environment Management


User Long logon times are becoming the new normal for many users due to the complexity of logon scripts, profiles and group policies. This doesn’t have to be the case. With Citrix Workspace Environment Management, users can potentially achieve logon times of 5-10 seconds.

Citrix Workspace Suite securely delivers the apps, desktops and data people need for business productivity. Citrix uniquely offers the industry’s most complete and integrated digital workspace that’s streamlined for IT control and easily accessible for users. Citrix Workspace Suite is the only digital workspace that offers complete choice of device, cloud and network.

Workspace Environment Management uses intelligent resource management and Profile Management technologies to deliver the best possible performance, desktop logon, and application response times for XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. It is a software-only, driver-free solution and reduces User Logon Time drastically. The most annoying thing in any environment is if users complain about poor User Logon Time ´s. This is why Citrix Workspace Environment Management is the perfect fit.

Resource management

To provide the best experience for users, Workspace Environment Management monitors and analyzes user and application behavior in real time, then intelligently adjusts RAM, CPU, and I/O in the user workspace environment.

Profile Management

To deliver the best possible logon performance, Workspace Environment Management replaces commonly used Windows Group Policy Object objects, logon scripts, and preferences with an agent which is deployed on each virtual machine or server. The agent is multi-threaded and applies changes to user environments only when required, ensuring users always have access to their desktop as soon as possible.

Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services. The Infrastructure Services broker is installed on a Windows server. It synchronizes the various back-end components (SQL Server, Active Directory) with the front-end components (Administration Console, Agent Host).

Workspace Environment Management Administration Console. The Administration Console is installed on a Windows client or on a server operating system (OS). It connects to the Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services. You use the Administration Console to manage your Workspace Environment Management installation (to create and assign resources, manage policies, authorize users, and so on).

Workspace Environment Management Agent Host. The Agent Host can either be deployed on VDAs or on physical Windows devices (for Transformer use cases). It can be installed on a Windows client (to manage client environments) or on a Windows Server (to manage server environments, or to manage published desktops and applications). It connects to the Workspace Environment Management Infrastructure Services and is responsible for enforcing the settings you configure by using the Administration Console.