RingCube vDesk 3.0 Scales Virtual Workspaces Globally

RingCube Technologies, the leading provider of managed virtual workspaces, today announced vDesk version 3.0, a high-performance enterprise desktop virtualization solution that simplifies the creation, access and management of Windows desktops. With the release of vDesk 3.0, RingCube introduces new management functionality that delivers global scalability, significantly faster MobileSync, support for Microsoft Windows 7 and hardware-assisted isolation control with Intel® vPro™ technology.

What’s New in vDesk 3.0?

  • Global Scalability and Enhanced Manageability enables enterprise customers to create a hierarchical desktop virtualization management system that can be distributed globally with multi-site storage support.
  • Faster MobileSync makes routine synchronization and on-going backup of virtual workspace images on Vista and Windows 7 up to 90% faster. On average, users can expect their MobileSync operations to take about 60% less time compared to previous vDesk versions.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 Support extends vDesk 3.0 virtual workspaces platform support to include Microsoft Windows 7.
  • Hardware Assisted Isolation Control provides hardware-based isolation and increased workspace security when running on PCs with Intel® vPro™ with virtualization technology.

“Our goal was to enable ourselves to remain productive in the event of unforeseen occurrences,” said Mike Prepelica, director of information technology, Revere Electric Supply Company. “We first looked at solutions from large VDI vendors but vDesk was the only solution that could deliver the performance, cost savings, and simplicity of deployment we required for our remote workers. We recently experienced a major snow storm in Illinois that prevented many of our employees from coming into the office. With vDesk, we can enable our employees to work remotely and still get their work done.”

To read a detailed case study about Revere Electric Supply’s vDesk deployment, please visit: https://www.ringcube.com/files/casestudies/cs_revereelectric.pdf

“With vDesk 3.0, global enterprises are now able to deliver virtual workspaces to even the largest sized organizations worldwide, delegate IT management and distribute storage efficiently. The new features in vDesk 3.0 will also help end users with faster synchronization and backup of their virtual desktops,” said Mike Larkin, CTO, RingCube Technologies. “With Intel®, we see an opportunity to utilize vPro™ technology to give our customers hardware-based security and greater platform support with their vDesk deployments.”

“As enterprises deploy desktop virtualization, they are looking for ways to provide deeper isolation capabilities of their virtual desktops from the underlying operating system of the host PC,” said Charlton Barreto Ph.D., Intel technology strategist and platform architect. “RingCube’s Workspace Virtualization Engine takes advantage of the hardware-assisted virtualization technology in Intel vPro technology to enhance the delivery of secure, high-performance virtual desktops.”

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