SAP Certifies and is now supported on Citrix XenServer

Citrix and SAP entered into a support agreement for SAP applications hosted on Citrix XenServer and running on Novell SUSE Linux Server.

SAP and Citrix have long had a strong partnership, because many of our customers deliver SAP applications to their end users using XenApp or XenDesktop. So it has been natural for many customers wanting to virtualize their entire SAP landscapes, to want end-to-end support for the entire stack from Citrix and SAP.

You might have thought that achieving certification for virtualized SAP applications would be easy. It isn’t. SAP has meticulous standards both at the technical level (platform performance, stability, supportability) and for the joint support partnership to ensure that its customers can be completely confident that they will be fully supported for their mission critical applications. Suffice it to say that we have worked diligently with SAP on the technical qualification and certification of XenServer and to prove that we have the wherewithal to support SAP customers worldwide, for more than two years, so it is a matter of great pride for the XenServer team to announce this achievement. Our partnership with Novell adds the third leg of the full support offering to our joint customers. Since many customers have already been pushing ahead on their adoption of SAP on XenServer, they can now move to production with full confidence.

SAP customers can now take advantage of a full certified and supported end-to-end process, including XenServer as an underlying platform in the data center for SAP application execution or for XenApp delivered SAP end-user interfaces, NetScaler for secure employee or customer access to SAP applications via the network, and Citrix Receiver for delivery of the application to the SAP end-user’s virtual desktop.

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