How to Use the XenServer Health Check Feature

This video walks through the process of enrolling in and using the XenServer Health Check feature introduced in XenServer 7. XenCenter and the Health Check Service can be installed on multiple machines that the IT admin uses to manage their XenServer pools. In this configuration any of these services can collect and upload the Health Check report for any of the pools managed on the respective machine. The Health Check Service uses a locking mechanism to ensure that only one service will process an upload for a given pool.

The XenServer Health Check Service periodically (every 30 minutes) connects to the pools enrolled in Health Check and checks if an upload is due. If that’s the case, then it collects the Health Check report and uploads it to the CIS (also including the XenCenter logs). This report is a pre-defined server status report – in the same format as the one that XenCenter is generating in the Server Status Report wizard – containing XenServer logs and configuration files that are used by the CIS to identify problems in the XenServer system. A list describing the content of this report can be found here.