XenDesktop and XenApp Essentials cost overview

How to purchase XenApp Essentials Pricing

Here is a quick cost overview of XenApp Essentials.

New Citrix cloud service combines the simplicity of Microsoft Azure RemoteApp with the enterprise security and scale of Citrix XenApp

Microsoft announced the next step in its broad partnership with Citrix, helping us develop the next generation of the Azure RemoteApp service. The new Citrix XenApp Essentials Service (previously XenApp “express”) builds upon Microsoft’s vision of Azure RemoteApp by tapping industry-leading XenApp technology to provide additional management, user experience, and security features.
Recently, Citrix  announced its XenApp Essentials, a new cloud service offered in collaboration with Microsoft that will assist with secure app delivery. It is available in the Azure Marketplace for both Microsoft Azure RemoteApp customers and Citrix customers.

How much is it going to cost?

XenApp Essentials has a cost of $12 per user per month, available in packages for as few as 25 users on a monthly basis. It will auto-renew until manually cancelled without a significant up-front commitment.

XenApp Essentials is the base service that includes Citrix Cloud StoreFront and NetScaler Gateway Service and will simplify app delivery news. You can provision workloads in Azure and deliver them to end users on any device.

Each user will be provided with 1GB of outbound data transfer per user per month. If you’re working in a bandwidth-intensive environment, you can get 25GB data transfer packs at $12 per pack per month and those can be shared across all users.

The service will be able to access Windows Server remote session capabilities that usually require Remote Desktop Services Client Access Licenses (RDS CALs). The cost of utilizing Microsoft Remote Access rights is $6.25 per user per month. You can also bring your existing RDS CALs and can reach out to Microsoft for assistance on doing so.

For Azure IaaS, there is a per-hour pricing model offered by Azure.

Pricing and how to buy

XenApp Essentials XenApp Service and XenDesktop Service
Base Price $12 per user per month $270 per user per year
User Minimum 25 25
Term Monthly, auto-renew Annual
How to buy Azure Marketplace Citrix Cloud Services through Citrix Sales

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