XenDesktop 7.9 Windows 10 and Office 2016 VDI Comparison

In this video I did a Side by Side Citrix XenDesktop Windows 10 and Office 2016 VDI Comparison with vGPU and without vGPU.

The hypervisor In this video we will show a quick demo of the performance consequences when running a XenDesktop 7.9 Windows 10 VDI, with a NVIDIA K2 k280q card, and a VDI side by side comparison. The VDI with a GPU shows that it uses between 5-14% GPU power when scrolling a normal Word 2016 document with many pictures. The performance of the CPU is kept at a minimum because of the presence of the GPU. As you also can see, the VDI without the GPU actually uses between 50-90% CPU power when scrolling the same Word 2016 document. Thus using much more of the CPU power presented to the virtual machine running on XenServer 7.0!