Goliath Technologies Logon Simulator for Citrix meets uptime SLA

Goliath Technologies provides proactive IT Operations software for IT organizations that addresses the evolving challenges of deploying virtual server and virtual desktop infrastructure whether on premise or in the cloud

Goliath Technologies and the Goliath Logon Simulator for Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop have officially been selected by Forthright as the technology relied upon to ensure their end users avoid Citrix logon failures or slowness as they their launch Citrix applications and desktops.

In this expanded use case about how Forthright uses the Goliath Logon Simulator to meet their 99.9% uptime service level agreements (SLAs), Forthright explains the business challenges they experienced as an enterprise managed service provider (MSP) finding a vendor to proactively confirm that Citrix users would have a seamless logon experience.

“Goliath enables us to proactively prevent about 70 support tickets per day. They provide us with a centralized view of Citrix, our virtual infrastructure and correlates this with real time end user experience metrics. This, coupled with the fact that they have proactive logon simulation functionality, is why we selected Goliath for our Citrix Infrastructure as part of our managed services offerings,” said Ricardo Ceballos, Director of Enterprise Managed Services, Forthright.

The logon simulation technology for Citrix provided great value to Forthright beyond its preemptive alerting capabilities. The Goliath Logon Simulator eliminated the need to manually confirm Citrix applications would launch, saving up to 3 hours per environment per week. Utilizing Goliath, this process is now automated and has been reduced to 30 minutes.

“The Logon Simulator for Citrix is the only technology Forthright could find that conducts simulations that confirm the entire Citrix Delivery Infrastructure will work when users attempt to access their applications and desktops from local or remote locations. It tests the NetScaler, Storefront, Delivery Controller, VDI, and XenApp Server. This technology will send alerts in real time if there is a failure or slowness, and is offered both as an on premise software or a hosted service,” said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of Goliath Technologies.

You can see product screenshots and get a 30-day free trial of the Goliath Logon Simulator here. To see the new Goliath Hosted Logon Simulator in action, you can watch a 1-minute video.