2X Announces Plan to Release a 2X Client for HP webOS

2X Client for HP webOS will enable secure access to remote Windows applications and desktops.

Dallas, February 18, 2011 – 2X Software Ltd., the international developer of virtualization and server-based computing software, today announced that its 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9 product is planned to support HP’s webOS operating system, offering application and virtual desktop delivery to any webOS device, in addition to its existing connectivity with iPhone, iPad and Android devices. As HP plans to bring a simple and seamless user experience to mobile devices of all kinds with the webOS platform, the planned 2X Client for webOS will further improve  connectivity capabilities by providing secure enterprise access to remote applications and desktops on webOS mobile device users.

“We applaud HP’s initiative to further improve the mobile device experience for users and developers alike through their webOS platform,” explained Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software. “As leaders in application and desktop delivery for businesses of all sizes, 2X plans to join HP in their mission by making webOS devices enterprise-ready upon release, through the 2X Client for webOS. Whilst already supporting Android, iPhone and iPad devices, we plan to also provide webOS users with instant mobile access to the business-critical applications they need, continuing 2X Software’s commitment to provide application and desktop delivery to any device, from any location.”

Download an evaluation version of 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9.

About 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9

2X VirtualDesktopServer delivers secure, centrally-managed access to virtual desktops (VDI) and applications hosted on Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware vSphere, ESX and ESXi, Parallels Virtuozzo Containers, Citrix XenServer, Oracle VirtualBox, Windows Remote Desktop Services/Windows Terminal Services and other leading virtualization platforms.

New 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9 features include:

2X Client for Mobile Devices

2X Client for iPhone, iPad and Android includes seamless protocol support for mobile devices and features a custom keyboard appearing automatically if input fields are detected.

VDI Pool Management

Pools offer administrators more flexibility when managing an extensive number of guests, especially when they are implemented in large company infrastructures.


Administrators can automatically create desktops from a single template, making it easier to distribute desktops to users.

VDI Guest/PC Agent Installation

VDI guests and PC agents can be remotely installed and support templates, seamless applications, universal printing and universal scanning. The new agents allow users to deploy applications to the local desktop directly from remote servers.

2nd Level Authentication

2X VirtualDesktopServer 9 now additionally supports SafeNet and Aladdin two-factor authentication solutions.

Windows Client

With client-side logging, users can track data from past connections, helping to prevent future connectivity issues.

Additional New Features

Wyse Desktop Broker support, Parallels Server v4 support and settings replication for the 2X Web Access Portal.

Please see our 2X VirtualDesktopServer 9 features list for more information.

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