AppDisks Technology Preview

Citrix AppDisk

Citrix has launched their Tech Preview of a new product called AppDisks. This TP is publicly available to Citrix Partners and Customers with current Subscription Advantage or Software Maintenance (SA or SWM) as of Sep 21, 2015. Citrix is primarily interested in your feedback and insights to inform their early stages of research on AppDisks. The build Citrix is providing for this purpose also includes many other features that are ready for Technology Preview. 

AppDisks Managing applications while also managing the images they are installed on can be a challenge for many administrators of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environments. The AppDisks feature from Citrix is a solution to this problem. AppDisks separate applications and groups of applications from the master image’s OS, and let you manage these two independently. You can now manage the applications as a distinct entity – an AppDisk. You can create different AppDisks containing the applications designed for individual user groups, and then assemble the AppDisks on a base image of your choice. By grouping and managing applications this way, you have finer control of your applications, and the number of master images you have to maintain is reduced. This simplifies IT administration and lets you be more responsive to users’ needs. You deliver the applications in AppDisks using Delivery Groups. The AppDisks feature can be integrated with Citrix AppDNA, once you’ve installed and configured this separate product. AppDNA allows XenApp and XenDesktop to perform automatic analysis on applications on a per-AppDisk basis.

To download AppDisk Tech preview check out these links:

Please note that this requires a valid mycitrix account and valid SA!