AppSense announces MobileNow, next generation mobile management solution



AppSense, the people-centric computing company, has announced the development of two new mobile solutions, AppSense MobileNow and AppSense DataNow, to support organizations challenged by managing multiple computing platforms, the explosion of apps and the demands of corporate data security and compliance. AppSense is expanding a set of mobile offerings to enable a workforce with anywhere productivity without sacrificing security and control. Today, MobileNow is being introduced through a limited Customer Select Program. Independently, DataNow Essentials is currently available with the AppSense User Virtualization Platform. 

“The introduction of new, disruptive technologies, like MobileNow, is being driven by consumers who want to extend their everyday mobile experience into the workplace,” said Ravi Khatod, Vice President and General Manager of Mobile for AppSense. “Today’s status quo solutions force IT to lock-down users’ devices, restrict their application choice and thus significantly impact their productivity. The MobileNow Customer Select Program enables a limited set of participants to maintain security and control while liberating users to choose the applications they want, access the data they need, on the devices they choose.”

Supporting the broader AppSense strategy of providing an effortless user experience across all computing platforms, MobileNow aims to greatly extend and transform the user experience to mobile devices. The MobileNow Customer Select Program is open to IT organizations who leverage cloud services, are running mobile applications, and whose employees primarily operate on the iOS mobile platform. Participants in the program have access to key features including:

  • Fine-grain application security and controls 
  • Data encryption and DLP
  • Real-time application, data and device policy enforcement
  • Fully native application – including native e-mail – experience for end users 

To learn more about the Customer Select Program, visit MobileNow.  

The recently released DataNow Essentials is an enterprise data broker solution that gives users anywhere data access from PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones using existing IT infrastructure that is fully under the control of the enterprise IT team. The AppSense DataNow Essentials offering provides simple implementation with no changes to how users store data or how IT organizations provision users. For more information visit DataNow.