AppSense Labs releases Project fflickit


Project fflickit represents a simple, yet highly efficient way of sharing real-time information between your multiple devices to ensure you can easily access the information you need on the device of your choice. 

In a world of multiple devices; consuming email services on smartphones, working on documents and accessing media on tablets, and harnessing the power of laptops and desktop PCs, all works well until you receive or want to access a piece of information or perform a function which is better suited to one of your other devices.  In which case, you have to copy it, email it, open the email on other device and find the information you are looking for.

Key Benefits

Websites, text, phone numbers, maps, directions, videos and more can now be fflicked between your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone; empowering users to take advantage of whatever device they wish to use.

  • Fflick websites and documents from your phone to your laptop
  • Fflick YouTube videos from your laptop to your tablet
  • Fflick maps & directions and phone numbers from your laptop to phone
  • And more…


How it Works

Project fflickit utilizes a web server that receives the information you fflick and pushes out to your other devices.  This information can be fflicked to and from a web browser that supports JavaScript and we have also developed client apps for OS X, Windows, iOS and Android to enable a native user experience across all of your computing platforms and devices.

Project fflickit is a free and unsupported technology showcase from AppSense Labs to help improve user efficiencies and productivity levels. Limited quatities available.

To learn more about AppSense Labs Project fflickit click here

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