BMC Software acquires Neptuny Software Business

BMC Software has announced the acquisition of Neptuny’s software business, a European-based capacity management and IT performance optimization solution. The addition of Neptuny’s technology will extend BMC’s existing leadership in capacity management and enhance BMC’s dynamic Business Service Management (BSM) portfolio and cloud management offerings.

“For the last two years, BMC has been working with customers adopting virtualization and cloud computing for critical application workloads. Holistic capacity management has consistently been a barrier to broader adoption and successful data center transformation projects,” said Kia Behnia, BMC’s chief technology officer. “Neptuny’s business-aware capacity management solution makes it possible for our customers to align their physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure with their business needs, improve their service levels and simultaneously reduce capital expenditures.”

The combination of Neptuny’s technology with BMC’s existing capacity management solution for distributed and mainframe systems will create a market-leading solution for managing hybrid heterogeneous environments – physical, virtual and cloud.

Traditionally, companies have focused on technical capacity management with an emphasis on server metrics such as CPU utilization. Neptuny’s solution has transformed capacity management by connecting those technical metrics to the business processes they support, therefore providing a business context for modeling, prioritizing and projecting capacity requirements. For example, customers can use projected growth in a business key performance indicator, such as website revenue per hour, to drive the required investments in IT infrastructure capacity.

According to Forrester Research Inc., “Virtualization, server consolidation, and cloud computing require capacity management. While it may seem intuitive that virtualization and cloud computing would allow a carefree lifestyle for resource provisioning, they do not. Consolidating servers using virtualization requires a careful matching of different workloads, complicated by the fact that virtualized resources may not function at their nominal capacity. Moving applications to an internal or external cloud requires a keen understanding of the application resource usage. Short of careful capacity studies, these technologies will fall short of expectations.” [i]

Neptuny’s solution provides continuous capacity optimization, which helps organizations balance computing requirements across physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments. Further, Neptuny’s solution incorporates business and application key performance indicators with compute, network, storage, power and cooling metrics into capacity management, to allow IT organizations to easily optimize their infrastructure. This makes it possible for companies to correctly assess and manage hardware needs, on an ongoing basis.

“Many organizations today struggle with an ostensibly stark choice between overcapacity and performance – either over investing leading to costly, underutilized servers, or blindly virtualizing and failing to meet performance goals. Increasingly, IT organizations recognize that they must balance service-level objectives with optimized investments in their IT infrastructure,” added Behnia. “The pinpoint accuracy of Neptuny’s capacity management tool allows organizations to precisely match their capacity with their specific application needs, and eliminate unnecessary investments in hardware.”

[i] Vendors Beware: Virtualization, PaaS, And SaaS Are Changing The Capacity Management Tools Market, Forrester Research, Inc., November 10, 2009

By clarifying the connection between business growth and required IT investments, business-aware capacity management simplifies the process and enables organizations to reduce their IT costs and associated capital expenditures. In addition to providing enterprise-level on-premise software, Neptuny’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering further illustrates the flexibility of the solution, allowing organizations to rapidly achieve value.

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