Centrix Software to show that Corperate IT is a “dazzling horizion” at VMworld Europe

At the VMworld Europe event in Copenhagen, Centrix Software will show visitors its vision of how IT as a Service will be developing in future, both for back-end IT infrastructure and for end-users.

IT is responsible for diverse application and device environments. The use of virtualization and the emergence of cloud computing services have placed increased pressure on service management, and is driving the need for a single point of management across this currently fragmented service delivery landscape. Knowing what resources within IT are providing value to the business, and getting these services to users in the most efficient, elegant and cost-effective way, are therefore crucial. Centrix Software’s approach goes beyond specific virtualization platforms to provide this universal framework for service delivery.

“Centrix Software was the first company to introduce a service framework for provisioning, monitoring and metering applications deployed from multiple technology platforms,” commented Lisa Hammond, CEO, Centrix Software. “Since the launch of Centrix WorkSpace in 2008, other leading virtualization vendors have recognised the need for greater service control as the IT environment fragments further with the use of virtual desktops and cloud services. Our vision for the future of IT demonstrates how these trends are being adopted across the industry, but our focus is on avoiding the issues of lock-in that exist around individual technology stacks.”

At the event, the company will unveil a solution that:

  • Gives corporate IT the ability to cost-effectively source applications and desktop environments from any vendor technology platform and provide a common framework over how those services are monitored, metered and deployed
  • Creates a corporate IT as a service framework, providing granular intelligence around technology and service consumptions and cost models that can be applied to service delivery
  • Delivers a centralized service platform for controlling and standardizing fragmented IT environments running virtualization, physical and cloud-based technologies
  • Provides an aggregation platform that gives organizations the freedom to blend vendor technologies and third party services, removing the threat of technology lock-in
  • Enables corporate IT to take a best-fit approach with their enterprise IT requirements – as different methods for delivering applications to users become more cost-effective, they can be implemented without any change in the user experience

Centrix Software is on stand 101 at VMworld Europe to demonstrate its products and how they fit into the wider development of IT. To book a demonstration at the event, email jo.barnett@centrixsoftware.com.  Centrix WorkSpace Discovery is available as a free download for those that want to see how application and service resources are used across their own desktops.

About Centrix Software

Centrix Software provides IT Intelligence solutions to optimize the way IT infrastructures deliver applications and content; whether physical, virtual, hosted or web. Headquartered in Newbury, UK, Centrix Software solutions are designed for enterprise organizations operating large-scale application environments.  Customers include leading organizations in banking and securities, insurance, telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy and utilities sectors. Centrix Software solutions are available through a network of value-add partners. For more information please visit www.centrixsoftware.com.