Citrix buys workspace management company Norskale


Citrix buys Norskale,  one of the best Workspace Environment Managers, for XenApp and XenDesktop. Norskale has a proven track record of customer success stories and is deployed across the world. Unlike other user environment management (UEM) solutions, Norskale has a holistic view of the workspace that includes the user, application, desktop and underlying system resources. Norskale leverages patent-pending machine-learning technology to monitor and analyze user and application behavior in real-time. Only Norskale has the ability to intelligently adjust the way applications utilize systems resources such as RAM, CPU and Input/Output (I/O) to optimize resource allocation across all users. This algorithm intelligence, now unique to Citrix, ensures that each user has the necessary resources to be productive while conserving overall resource allocation in a way that instantly increases server scalability by up to 70 percent, dramatically increasing your ROI.

Norskale is an easy-to-use, 100% software solution that cuts the cost of desktops and applications, and delivers the best possible workspace performance—best application response times, accelerated logons, and a truly dynamic desktop—for any IT environment.

The Norskale solution and its benefits have been proven in large and small environments alike, including in an 80K seat environment that reached peak performance and simplicity of management after less than a week in production. 56% of users say that application reactivity and instant login are the main benefit of a new desktop.

Norskale ensures a constant high level of performance on any Windows device throughout the life of the device. Norskale delivers the functionality users need in only a few days, and offers a variety of licensing options for optimal flexibility and value. Norskale provides the best and most consistent user and end-user experience, while ensuring the lowest installation and management costs for all physical and virtual desktops and applications.
First of all, I want to personally say congratulations to Pierre and the team. Citrix gets a great product and a great team together with 2 great products!

This acquisition is one more way Citrix is delivering on our commitment to bring the best possible user experience and delivery performance to you, their dedicated XenApp and XenDesktop customers. The new Workspace Environment Manager, based on the Norskale solution, will be available to all XenApp and XenDesktop Enterprise and Platinum edition customers with active Software Maintenance.

The amount Citrix is paying for Norskale is not disclosed!

Norskale has an industry-proven record of optimizing workspace performance, accelerating application delivery and enhancing environment scalability throughout European, Asia-Pacific and Americas markets by providing a full featured workspace and user environment management solution. With more than 100 customers worldwide and enterprise deployments reaching up to 80,000 seats, Norskale brings a tremendous amount of performance and scalability value to our market-leading XenApp and XenDesktop application and desktop virtualization solutions.

What this means in the long run for companies like RES Software and AppSense, is only speculation, but with this acquisition Citrix get a top notch product that more than gives the customers what they need in the UEM and Workspace Management department.

Here is an overview of Norskale products: