Citrix forms Vision for IT Transformation

 Citrix Vision for IT

Citrix has unveiled how it is changing the IT paradigm at Citrix Synergy, by enabling a “build once, deploy anything” infrastructure that simplifies management and provides device-independent end points. As a result, businesses can instantly embrace new ways of working while optimizing security, agility and user experience.

Modern workspaces are no longer confined to a physical location or a specific device, providing the digital tools users need to get their job done from anywhere. As a result, businesses today are under intense pressure to respond to the demand for consumer-like apps and experience, including instant and seamless access to data and services and BYOD programs that let people use the latest devices for work. Until now, IT solutions have not been flexible enough to easily accommodate those demands, requiring major adjustments to security policies, management processes and end-user access settings in response to new hardware, services and delivery models.

“The reality is that the ever-changing consumer marketplace has come to define the technologies that people want to use at work – and rightfully so, since they offer significant enhancements to productivity and efficiency,” said Mark Templeton, president and CEO, Citrix. “We wanted to find a way to help businesses feed the wave of innovation versus having to react to it. By enabling on-demand IT for a workspace world, our customers can now deploy new resources in minutes and manage them with ease, no matter where it resides or what device people are using – all while enhancing security, user productivity and business agility.”

“Within IT, we have three initiatives: Monetize, Modernize and Mobilize,” said Derek Monahan, Director of IT Services, Aer Lingus. “The Citrix platform gives us the ability to actually implement all of those three initiatives while making sure the investment we’re making for the future is going to last, and also give us the competitive advantage.”

At this week’s conference, attendees will learn about how Citrix is enabling businesses to leverage a secure and flexible infrastructure that enables them to realize greater value and return from their Citrix investment while empowering people to work creatively and productively:

  • Citrix creates a new cloud services control plane that merges the worlds of on-premise and cloud, allowing IT managers to create secure, mobile workspaces that include desktops, applications and data from whatever infrastructure source best meets their specific needs.
  • Citrix extended its app delivery and VDI leadership with innovations that enhance the user experience and make it easier to increase security, provide greater management flexibility and simplify upgrades and migrations.
  • Citrix continues to differentiate its document and file sharing offerings by introducing a workspace that moves with customers across four types of devices, providing a new approach to restricting document sharing based on a file’s contents to enable secure collaboration whenever inspiration strikes.
  • Citrix unveiled its delivery networking vision for a unified system that secures and delivers all applications by scaling and optimizing enterprise hybrid clouds.
  • Citrix is demonstrating new enterprise mobility management (EMM) technology advancements coupled with integrations and an expanded partner ecosystem, providing stronger security, better user experience and greater flexibility for customers.