Citrix License Server VPX release 11.12 is now out

Citrix has released a update to their XenServer based virtual appliance license server.

What’s New

Citrix License Server VPX. A self-contained Linux-based virtual appliance that allows you to easily deploy licensing in your Citrix environment. You can bring the appliance online by:

  • Importing the appliance to your host or pool of hosts.
  • Configuring basic networking – specifying IP address, hostname, and other network information.
  • Using the License Administration Console to upload licenses for your hosts.

Fixed issues

  • You cannot import licenses containing a parentheses in the pathname. [#0264908]
  • If you do use Desktop Studio to initially point XenDesktop to the License Server VPX, the following condition might occur – CtxLSPortSvc is consuming 100% CPU on VPX. If this happens, restart the licensing support service by logging onto the License Server VPX console as root. Within the shell, execute /etc/init.d/citrixlicensingsupportservice restart.

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