Citrix XenDesktop 5.5

The updated version of XenDesktop 5.5 includes a good list of fixed issues. Therefore it’s the VDA(Virtual Desktop Agent) that needs to be upgraded! The 5.5 releases includes also some cool new features after Citrix bought RingCube Technologies earlier this month.

Here is what’s new in XenDesktop 5.5

  • Bandwidth Efficiency – Citrix has measured a whopping 30% reduction in bandwidth consumption
  • Smoother Audio – whether the use case is real-time VoIP or watching a video. Citrix has done a lot in this release to ensure that audio stays smooth even under difficult network conditions or when the user has a lot of applications running at the same time
  • Better Video Performance – XenDesktop 5.5 introduces Adaptive Display, the successor to Progressive Display. No more complex configuration of policies to tweak image quality for different network scenarios.
  • Windows 7 Aero – delivering the full Windows 7 Aero experience, including Flip 3D, Aero Peek, glass effects and more
  • 3D Graphics – high-end 3D graphics, check out XenServer 6 features as well, where there are a lot of new GPU virtualization

Citrix XenDesktop 5.5 – Issues Fixed in This Release

The Citrix personal vDisk 5.5 is a high-performance enterprise workspace virtualization solution that increases VDI projects’ return on investment by expanding the rollout of VDI across your organization. No longer is VDI restricted only to structured task workers – you can now include employees who require highly personalized desktops which reduces VDI’s cost per user and increases economies of scale. Citrix personal vDisk offers a virtual desktop experience together with VDI offerings from Citrix. With Citrix personal vDisk, each user gets a personal workspace, which they can use to personalize their desktop. The workspace is a lightweight container that can be stored on shared storage (typically SAN/NAS). The workspace contains any user or department-installed applications (sometimes referred to as “entitlement based applications”), and any data and settings the administrator chooses to store there. Since personal vDisk workspaces only contain user changes, this radically reduces storage requirements, while enabling each user to create their own unique desktop.

Citrix personal vDisk has the following advantages:

  • Provides full personalization for VDI, including support for department/user installed and entitlement based applications
  • Dramatically reduces the cost of VDI storage
  • Can work with existing profile management tools

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