Citrix XenApp 6 issue with Applications Do Not Load if Memory Optimization is Enabled

After installing XenApp 6 on Windows 2008 Server R2, the Computer Manager does not open by right clicking on computer > manage. Instead, nothing happens. However, the Compmanager launches if opened as a command or as an mmc snap-in. The issue can be reproduced by opening an RDP and/or ICA session to the XenApp 6 machine desktop. The issue seems to be present only if the memory optimization policy is enabled.


Virtual Memory Optimization performs automatic DLL Rebasing (and Binding) for applications to reduce the amount of memory conflicts when loading DLLs. However, in certain situations rebasing a DLL causes the application to fail to load.


  1. Open Delivery Service Console > Policies > Sever Settings > Memory/CPU > Memory Optimization.
  2. Add mmc.exe to the Memory optimization application exclusion list.

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