Extentrix announces release of Web Services Application Edition 4.0

Extentrix Web Services Application Edition 4.0 for manufacturing. In this new release we have added new features and fixed bugs.

What is new in 4.0


* Kerberos Pass-through Authentication
In Extentrix Web Services Application Edition 4.0, we added support for pass-through authentication using true Kerberos authentication support. With this feature, Extentrix Web Services will pass a client’s authentication information to the destination Citrix XenApp server and provide you with true single sign-on feature.

Pass-through authentication enables a user to sign-on to their computer and access Citrix published applications without being asked for login again.

* Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Citrix XenApp 5.0 support
Web Services 4.0 supports the latest Citrix XML protocol  used in XenApp 5.0. At the same time, it works with latest IIS used in Windows Server 2008. It has been tested under Windows Server 2008 and XenApp 5.0. 

* Multi Farm Support
Extentrix Web Services Application Edition 4.0 is coming with great and easy to use wizard to generate code for multi farm support. With this capability, developer could aggregate applications the belongs to specific user from different Citrix farms.

* Icons cache deletion tool
Web Services 4.0 has added a new tool to delete generated icons for published applications.

* Bug Fixes
1. Null Pointer Exception in GetApplicationIcon API, if Citrix published application icon does not support Size 32 and color depth 32.
2. ExtentrixWebServicesAPIs sample has been fixed in order to support both pass-through and explicit credentials authentication.
3. Enhance parsing of Chunked Citrix XML response.
4. Fixed the bug where “Object reference not set to an instance of object” error shows in MMC, when user tries to use explicit authorization.