Google partners with Citrix

At the Live webcast event held by Google today, Google announced that they are partnering with long time application and desktop virtualization company Citrix Systems Inc.

Google’s partnered with Citrix to make it easy to deploy desktop applications as a service to Chrome OS. Citrix Receiver is a well-established application that allows businesses to deploy desktop applications, such as Microsoft Excel. Citrix and Google have been working together to make Receiver work seamlessly, making Chrome OS a viable platform for businesses.

Citrix has just announced Citrix Receiver for Chrome Notebooks. The new Google OS and reference design for notebooks is designed to run apps entirely from the web. That’s relatively easy for web and SaaS apps, but for the thousands of corporate Windows apps Google needed another answer in order to make the new platform useful as a business tool or even a consumer device with casual access to work apps. The answer came from talking to CIO’s and IT Pros at companies who would need to endorse the device, ” add Citrix Receiver ” was an obvious solution.

Google’s announcement today included a keynote demonstration of Citrix Receiver accessing a number of Microsoft applications hosted on XenApp. This Receiver for Chrome Notebooks is also unique in that it’s based on HTML5 and requires no download and install like most Receivers. It’s very cool, just click the icon, log-on and everything required comes down from the web. The new Web Receiver interface is presented including the ability to search, subscribe and select favorite apps. The apps launch as expected and the performance is great. What’s different is the apps run maximized inside the Browser vs conventional windowing, and task switching is accomplished through the browser tabs. Check out the demo at

Some screen shots of Citrix Receiver for Chrome Notebooks:

The Citrix Receiver will also be included in Google’s Chrome Web Store when its available in 1H2011. Users will only need a company provided link to get to a log-on page making app delivery simple for IT.
Google’s entry into the OS market is interesting and fits well with their vision to host everything on the web. Users get device independence, and IT meets the objective to minimize support for distributed end point devices. With Google Chrome for Notebooks, Google will provide automated updates to the OS as required, and security exposures are minimized because nothing can be installed locally.

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