Gourami releases another innovative new free tool called Farm Commander

Farm Commander enables system administrators to execute file manipulations on several servers at once. This will save system administrators a lot of time. Copy a file to or from 100 servers can be done with one click.
Farm Commander looks a lot like ‘Norton Commander’ and ‘Total Commander’ but the functionality is very different. With Total¬†Commander both the left and right panel are file systems. With Farm Commander the left Panel is a file system, where you can select files and directories. In the right panel are the Windows 2000/XP/Citrix/Terminal/Domain workstations/servers listed. First you select files in the left panel, and then you select the servers in the right panel. Than you choose your action, copy, move or delete. Farm Commander than copies/deletes/moves the selected files to/from the selected server. Specially in Citrix/Terminal Server environments you need to copy files from or to several servers at once. So time is gained here, Farm Commander also features a detailed report of each action. As administrator you must know if there were failures in the taken actions. (read only/not enough rights)

From a Citrix XenApp point of view, Farm Commander can be started using two options:
-list all XenApp servers
-list XenApp servers associated with specific Published Applications.
The last one is useful when updating files for a specific application.


-Citrix XenApp/Presentation Server 4.0, 4.5 and 5.0 support
-Vmware support
-Find servers associated with published applications
-Find servers/workstations in active directory
-Ping servers for availability
-View server details
-View server session information
-Manage servers
-Copy to servers
-Move to servers
-Delete from servers
-Copy from servers
-Easily connect to servers using RDP
-customizable appearance
-customizable rdp settings
-Remembers search history
-Execute commands on large amounts  of servers
-Search the events log’s for several servers

System requirements

-.NET framework 2.0 or newer
-A Citrix XenApp/presentation server 4.0 or greater for Citrix functions
-A Active Directory Domain for domain functions

Farm Commander also allows you to search the event viewer for several servers at once. Remotely execute commands, list the uptime for servers, and manage them (computer management). Farm Commander also has Active Directory support.

Farm Commander is free, you only need to register. https://gourami.eu/products/farm-commander