How to Profile Microsoft Office 2010 for Citrix XenApp Application Streaming

The primary focus of this article is to provide step-by-step instructions for the successful deployment of Microsoft Office 2010 using the Citrix application streaming feature. Prerequisite knowledge of Microsoft licensing methods for product activation using KMS and MAK licenses is assumed.
Note: Office 2010 SP1 is not supported at this time because of issues seen during initial testing; a timeframe for addressing these issues has not yet been determined.
To ensure successful results when profiling and streaming Microsoft Office 2010, proceed as follows:

  1. Review the Profiling Best Practices section
  2. Customize and Profile Microsoft Office 2010 according the detailed steps mentioned later in this document.
  3. Install the Microsoft Office 2010 Deployment Kit on client computers or servers where applications will be streamed.
  4. Publish and stream Microsoft Office 2010 to client computer or server.
  5. Verify Microsoft Office 2010 product activation

If followed carefully and performed without interruption, the steps that follow the Profiling Best Practices section should result in a successful deployment of streamed Microsoft Office 2010.

Note: The steps mentioned in this document have been tested with the following Windows platforms and a clean base installation of the operating system, current Windows service packs and updates, as well as any items mentioned in the Prerequisites section. Additionally, both KMS and MAK license keys have been tested. Individual results may vary based on your environment and system configuration.

Click here to download Office2010-Streaming-v2.2