How to view a XenServer Status Report in XenCenter

Instead of opening different reports in different locations, and switching between management consoles here is a quick guide on how to view a XenServer Status Report in Citrix XenCenter

To view the status report in XenCenter, complete the following procedure:

    1. Extract the server status report and save it to a local directory. Extracting this file generates a new set of directories, one directory for one server.

    2. Open the pool master directory.
    : You can open any host directory, but it is preferable to open the pool master’s information.

    3. Open the subfolder, <bug-report-DATE>.

    4. Copy the complete path of the directory. Following is a sample for reference:
    c:\server reports\2011-06-28-14-51-22-1-bugtool-XEN01\bug-report-20110628145134\

    5. Open XenCenter and click Add New Server.

    6. On the Add New Server dialog box, paste the previously copied directory path in the Server field and add “\xapi-db.xml” at the path. Following is a sample of the Server field entry:
    c:\server reports\2011-06-28-14-51-22-1-bugtool-XEN01\bug-report-20110628145134\xapi-db.xml

    7. Ignore the username and password fields and press OK.

The status report opens and is displayed in XenCenter, like a normally connected and accessible pool, although with limited functionality.

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