IGEL Thin Clients Receive Microsoft RemoteFX Certification


IGEL Universal Desktop thin clients are now certified by Microsoft Corp. as being able to provide the required performance and user experience in centralized IT environments running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. IGEL can now display the Microsoft RemoteFX logo on different “LX” and “W7” devices in the model series UD3, UD5 and UD9. Effective immediately, IGEL Technology, Germany’s leading manufacturer of thin clients, is allowed to affix the Microsoft RemoteFX logo to major portions of its model range. This recognition certifies that IGEL thin clients meet Microsoft’s standards for connectivity and a rich user experience. It also means that all IGEL devices in model series UD3, UD5 and UD9 running Linux (“LX”) as well as all IGEL devices in model series UD5 and UD9 running Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7 (“W7”) can now display the Microsoft RemoteFX logo. This certification applies to all three firmware options (Entry, Standard and Advanced) that IGEL offers with its devices. During the certification process, IGEL Universal Desktop thin clients were tested with both Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) and Remote Desktop Virtualization Host (RDVH). In addition to checking establishment and termination of connections, the testing process also examined the improved user experience that RemoteFX makes possible on a LAN. The user experience was verified by working with Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, as well as by playing videos by means of YouTube, Silverlight and Windows Media Player. In addition to the Bing Maps Internet map service, the ability to display and switch between program and task windows in Windows Flip 3D, which is part of the Windows 7 interface experience, were also successfully tested. “By providing a RemoteFX client for its Linux-based thin clients, IGEL is giving customers a proven and trusted foundation for application and graphical content, including rich media and 3D graphics,” noted Dean Paron, principal group program manager, Remote Desktop and Virtualization, at Microsoft Corporation. “We’re pleased that users of Remote Desktop Services can take advantage of IGEL’s full, consistent support for the Microsoft RemoteFX functionalities in Windows Server 2008 R2.” “We’re proud to have received Microsoft RemoteFX logo certification for our products, including our Linux-based thin clients,” declared Florian Spatz, Product Marketing Manager at IGEL. “This certification confirms the outstanding performance of our own internally developed RemoteFX client, which we introduced at CeBIT in 2011.”