Intel Sponsored Survey Ranks RES Software as Top Ten Technology Provider for Desktop Virtualization Projects

RES Software, the proven leader in dynamic desktop solutions, was featured in “Desktop Virtualization Insights for IT Strategic Planning,” a recent desktop virtualization report published by Intel  analyzing survey results from 200 IT professionals. RES Software was ranked together with Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Virtual Computer when IT professionals were asked to identify vendors selected or considered for upcoming desktop virtualization projects. RES Software was also ranked highest among all workspace management solutions recognized by survey participants.

“The results of this survey reinforce a clear trend in the market. Workspace management technologies, that help IT manage and personalize the user experience and enhance security in virtual desktop environments, are no longer considered an afterthought for major desktop projects,” said Jim Kirby, President of RES Software Americas. “We are increasingly working with our customers in the early stages of their desktop virtualization projects because they recognize the value that RES can add to their Citrix, VMware and Microsoft deployments from the start.”

The report covers key findings from a survey conducted earlier this year among IT professionals from companies with more than 100 employees. Results indicate that 60 percent of organizations are making significant financial investments in desktop virtualization. The survey also highlighted the fact that client security is a major driver for desktop virtualization plans. 

The context aware capabilities of RES Workspace Manager enable IT to provide users with personalized and secure workspaces that adapt to changes in users’ contexts, such as changes in devices, locations, times of day, and delivery platforms. With new technologies and increasing mobility, delivery platforms and devices are becoming increasingly hybridized; but with Workspace Manager technology, IT can maintain security and manageability for every user’s workspace, while providing them with the flexibility and mobility they need to remain productive.

RES Software also offers patented reverse-seamless technology in its Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) product. This enhances remote and virtual desktops with applications that run locally, making use of the underlying processing power, graphic capabilities, and peripherals of the local computer. These applications are merged into remote or virtual desktops, providing a seamless desktop experience for users.

RES Software and Intel have collaborated on several of Intel’s Intelligent Desktop Virtualization initiatives as well as its Cloud Builders program. RES also developed a published reference architecture that highlights the ability of RES Virtual Desktop Extender (VDX) to address challenges associated with deploying a cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure.
More information about how RES and Intel are working together can be found in the following resources: