Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1 released

Users Gain Personalized VDI Experience Anywhere from any Device with the latest Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1

Cupertino, CA –(April 13, 2011) Kaviza, the leader in easy and affordable desktop virtualization today announced a new release of its award-winning VDI-in-a-box™ solution. VDI-in-a-box 4.1 makes it even simpler and faster for IT to provide a personalized end-user experience similar to their physical desktops, while still leveraging the consolidation and management benefits of virtual desktops. End-user customizations such as their backgrounds, bookmarks, application settings, can be saved in profiles that are dynamically loaded for optimal performance. VDI-in-a-box 4.1 bundles Citrix User Profile Manager at no additional charge. Additionally, VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1 now offers HDX Remote Access to enable seamless single sign-on across firewalls to Kaviza desktops using the Citrix Access Gateway. For instance, iPad users can login to their Windows desktops from outside the company without having to first login to the VPN. A free trial of the VDI-in-a-box 4.1 can be downloaded here.

“Kaviza continues to lower the barrier to widespread VDI adoption by offering end-users a personalized virtual desktop experience comparable to their physical PCs that delivers higher productivity and desktop management savings,” said Kumar K. Goswami, Kaviza CEO. “VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1 delivers ubiquitous anytime, anywhere access to your secure corporate desktop in a consistent and personalized fashion from any device including mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones.”

Highlights of Kaviza VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1 include:

  • Built-in Profile Management: With Release 4.1, Kaviza bundles Citrix User Profile Manager at no additional charge. End-users can now receive a personalized virtual desktop experience while still leveraging the consolidation and management benefits of stateless virtual desktops. Unlike Roaming profiles that get loaded during login and can cause slow down, profile management loads as needed for optimal performance. The Citrix Profile Manager is very easy to administer and works seamlessly with Active Directory.
  • HDX Remote Access: Kaviza now seamlessly interoperates with Citrix Access Gateway to enable users secure single sign-on across firewalls, from any device without logging in to a VPN. For instance, iPad users can securely login to their virtual desktops from outside the firewall using Kaviza HDX Remote Access.
  • Updated Citrix HDX stack: Kaviza VDI-in-a-box 4.1 has the latest Citrix HDX stack also found in Citrix XenDesktop 5.0. Recent improvements include faster printing with HDX Nitro.
  • MAC Address pools: For secure deployments, administrators can now specify a pool of MAC addresses for the dynamically generated Kaviza virtual desktops.
  • XenServer 5.6.1 support: Kaviza now supports XenServer 5.6.1 in addition to XenServer 5.6, and the VMware ESX and ESXi hypervisors.

In addition, several other manageability and ease-of-administration features such as support for secure LDAP and additional convenience features when managing user sessions have been added.

Kaviza VDI-in-a-box is an award-winning next-generation virtual desktop solution that is one-third the cost of deploying traditional VDI solutions. Kaviza VDI-in-a-box is based on the patent-pending Shared-Nothing grid architecture that completely redefines the way virtual desktops are delivered and managed. Unlike traditional desktop virtualization solutions, Kaviza provides high-availability and on-demand scaling without requiring expensive shared storage or any management servers. This simplifies deployments and reduces costs by over 60% without compromising on fundamentals. Kaviza delivers optimized rich high-definition user experience with built-in Citrix HDX™.

About Kaviza
Kaviza is the industry leader in simple, affordable end-to-end desktop virtualization. Its shared-nothing VDI-in-a-Box™ solution leverages a patent-pending grid architecture that lowers costs, eliminates the need for expensive infrastructures, and delivers rich high-definition user experience with Citrix HDX that can be accessed anytime, anywhere – including thin-clients and mobile devices such as the iPad. Kaviza VDI-in-a-box has been recognized as a “2011 Technology of the Year” by InfoWorld, CeBIT 2011 Innovation winner, one of the “Most Innovative Products of 2010” by CRN, “Best of VMworld 2010” in Desktop Virtualization, “Best of Synergy 2010” for Business Efficiency, and “Cool Vendor in Client Computing 2010” by Gartner. Kaviza was founded in 2009 by virtualization and VDI veterans from HP and IBM to create the next generation VDI that is simple and affordable as a PC. Kaviza is headquartered in Cupertino, California. For more information, contact: kaviza.com.