Missing CD-DVD Drive on Windows Virtual Machine in XenServer

I’ve had this problem a couple of times, and found a new CTX article on the Citrix Support website last night. The problem is that there is no CD or DVD Drive on Windows Virtual Machine in XenServer. I tried it and it works, so hopefully they’ll fix it in some upcoming hotfix or update for XenServer 5.0 and 5.5.
I’m re-posting to spread the word!

Use the following procedures to recover the CD using command line or XenCenter.

Using the Command Line Interface (CLI):

1. List all the Virtual Block Devices (VBDs) belonging to that Virtual Machine (VM) using the following command:
xe vbd-list vm-name-label=[name of the VM]

The command returns data similar to the following screen shot:

In the screen shot above, you do not see CD under the type because you do not have the CD drive, and the device needs to be created with a different name, for example hdb

2. Get the Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) of the VM:

xe vm-list

3. Create the CD:

xe vbd-create bootable=false device=hdb mode=RO type=CD unpluggable=false vm-uuid=[uuid from xe vm-list command above]

4. Right click on the VM and sellect Start.

5. Go to My Computer and you can now see the CD Drive.

Using XenCenter:

The easiest way to recover the lost CD-DVD drive is is from the XenCenter.

1. Under the Console tab of the VM, click Click here to create a DVD drive.

2. Restart the VM to finish the installation of the new DVD drive.

Click here to go to the CTX123844