NetEx HyperIP to Support Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization Solutions

NetEx will support Microsoft management products in Hyper-V in the next release of HyperIP due in Q1 2010. The addition of Microsoft support leverages the company’s expertise and market leadership in the VMware virtualization market where HyperIP optimizes long-distance data movement for more than a dozen VM management applications. NetEx was the first company to deliver a software only WAN acceleration solution to enable the live migration of VMware data across WAN distances, using HyperIP to accelerate the movement of VMotion and Storage VMotion images to remote sites. According to test results from DeepStorage Labs, HyperIP can accelerate VMotion migration by 1000 percent compared to native VMware speeds. HyperIP also supports vCenter Site Recovery Manager and vCenter Converter to optimize the migration of physical-to-virtual images.

NetEx is planning to provide similar HyperIP capabilities for the Hyper-V environment. The first Hyper-V capable version of HyperIP will support Microsoft’s Live Migration feature, enabling the movement of operating virtual machines from one Hyper-V physical host to another without any disruption of service or perceived downtime. The addition of HyperIP enables the potential use of Hyper-V and Live Migration beyond the data center to open up long-distance movement of live virtual machines to remote sites via WAN connections without the typical distance limitations and latency problems encountered with WAN-based data movement.

With its entrenched position in the VMware market and now support for Microsoft Hyper-V, NetEx is well-positioned for the next wave of growth in the server virtualization market with products for the two leading vendors of server virtualization software, according to IDC’s October 2009 Worldwide Quarterly Server Virtualization Tracker report.

“Hyper-V is a hot product that has gained rapid market acceptance within Windows Server infrastructures, and now another market that will dramatically benefit from the optimization capabilities of HyperIP,” said Robert MacIntyre, NetEx Vice President of Business Development and Marketing. “Having a presence in both the Hyper-V and VMware camps has NetEx ideally positioned for the future of server virtualization spurred by an upcoming technology refresh for aging server infrastructures with virtualization as a default IT strategy for deployment, virtualization as a standard technology for cloud computing, and the evolution of IT strategies to more effectively manage virtualization deployments and virtualized infrastructures.”

About NetEx

Formed in 1999 as a spin-off of Storage Technology Corporation (StorageTek®), privately-held NetEx has provided the world’s fastest WAN optimization software in the industry, along with guaranteed data delivery, for over 20 years to more than 100 of the world’s largest and most sophisticated organizations, including some of the most prestigious providers of financial, transportation and telecommunications services and government entities. Customers include BP, Telstra, NTT, Verizon, BellSouth, Qwest, Royal Bank of Scotland Group, LloydsTSB, NDC Health, IRS, American, Lufthansa, Northwest, United Airlines and Kellogg. As a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, NetEx’s HyperIP WAN optimization software has demonstrated impressive performance numbers for supercharging VMware applications worldwide. For more information about NetEx, NetEx/IP or HyperIP, visit or call +1-763-694-4300.

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