Nutanix releases AOS 5.1 for download

Nutanix hyperconverged

Nutanix releases AOS 5.1. In this new release, the Acropolis Operating System (AOS) has some big new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Here is a highlight of the new featues!

New Features

  • Support for vSphere 6.5 Hosts and vCenter 6.5
    • Running vSphere 6.5 as a hypervisor host is supported in AOS 5.1 on Nutanix NX platforms except those Intel Ivy Bridge architecture based platforms with 16 GB SATA DOM hypervisor boot drives.
    • VMware vCenter 6.5 is also supported as of AOS 5.1.
  • XenServer Support on the following platforms:
    • NX-1065-G5
    • NX-3060-G5
    • NX-3175-G5 / NX-3175-G5 with NVIDIA M60
  • Nutanix now supports mixing of all-flash (AF) and hybrid SSD/HDD nodes in the same cluster.
  • Requires min 2 AF nodes in the cluster.
  • One Click Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) memory upgrade
  • One-click Centralized Cluster Upgrade
  • One-click CVM memory upgrade within PRISM – Great new feature, lets customer start small, and if they need to enable extra features, this is done on the fly!
  • One-Click Prism Central Cluster Registration and Prism Central Deployment
  • AHV Windows 2016 SVVP Certification
  • AHV Hot Plugging Memory and CPU on Virtual Machines
  • Acropolis Container Services (ACS)
  • Acropolis Block Services (ABS) – New Client Support – Solaris and RHEL!
  • Post-process compression is enabled by default on all newly-created containers clusters with Pro and Ultimate licenses
  • Updated NVIDIA Tesla M60 Support – Nutanix now supports both graphics mode and compute mode on the NVIDIA Tesla M60 GPU card.
  • Compression slice size reduced from 64KB to 32KB
  • Docker Container Management Through the Self-Service Portal
  • Enhancements to Erasure Coding X (EC-X)
  • Integration with Network Functions in AHV
    • On AHV clusters, you can run network function virtual machines such as software load balancers and firewalls to process guest VM traffic as the traffic flows through the Open vSwitch (OVS) network. Network function VMs placed along the path of network traffic can perform various tasks that are not available natively in AHV, such as packet inspection and filtering. Support for network function VMs is available only on AHV clusters.
  • Data Replication
    • Metro Availability and synchronous replication are now supported across different hardware vendors (NX, Dell, or Lenovo). You can also establish a Metro Availability or synchronous replication relationship between Nutanix NX Series and other non-NX clusters (Dell or Lenovo). Note that mixing of nodes from different vendors in the same cluster are not supported (for example, not supported: NX and non-NX, Dell and non-Dell, Lenovo and non-Lenovo, Cisco UCS and non-Cisco UCS, and so on.) Async replication across different hardware vendors continues to be supported.

Tech Preview

  • DO not use tech preview features in production environments
  • Software-Only Support on Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Servers
  • AHV GPU Pass-through
    • AHV hosts support GPU pass-through for guest VMs for tech preview, allowing applications on VMs to directly access GPU resources. You can also allocate multiple GPUs to a single VM. The pass-through feature requires AHV 20160925.30 or later.
  • Not vGPU & 1:1 Mapping of GPU / VM

To download AOS 5.1 login to

Release notes can be found here

Prism Central 5.1 is now available!