Online Training Provides Untapped Revenue Opportunity for Small Businesses, Says Citrix Online

Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc., and a leading provider of SaaS-based collaboration, access and IT services, has introduced an integrated payment processing feature for its GoToTraining® online training product. Realizing an uptapped opportunity for small businesses to monetize online training, the company’s RevStream™ feature will enable trainers to easily charge for training sessions and create a new revenue stream. A recently released Wainhouse Research white paper, “Painlessly Monetizing Online Training through Integrated eCommerce,” also supports this view, examining the growth of the online training market and the potential for external training programs as profit centers.

“Many companies are expanding the reach of training sessions to more people within and outside of their organizations through online training,” said Alan Greenberg, practice manager for the Wainhouse Research Distance Education and e-Learning Advisory Service, and author of the white paper. “And we are seeing not only significant cost savings for companies that implement online training solutions, but also enormous potential for online training to drive revenue. When done right, with simplicity and efficiency in mind, integrated payment processing can catalyze this growth.”

GoToTraining streamlines the process of setting up fee-based training programs, making it easy for companies to price their online training programs, market them to customers, collect payments and track income. Through Citrix Online’s new partnership with PayPal™, trainers can offer learners the option of paying through a PayPal account or using credit or debit cards. The new functionality is available globally and currently supports six currencies: U.S., Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand dollars; British pounds and Euros.

Citrix Online customer Solutions Cube Group LLC, a provider of project meeting facilitation and extensive training in project management, currently uses GoToTraining as an online training platform for its Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam. According to Chief Operating Officer Jenina Smith, RevStream for GoToTraining offers significant potential for trainers, “We’ve been looking forward to a feature like this since the product’s launch. Being able to access all the features of GoToTraining and also manage fees and payment processing using one system with just a few clicks, offers tremendous benefits. Businesses now have a very easy way to continue to grow their training programs and reduce time and administration.”

Key benefits for trainers include:

  • Increases revenue – enables businesses to build profitable training programs
  • Streamlines the process of setting up, collecting and tracking payments
  • Eliminates the cost and effort of integrating third-party payment processing solutions
  • Provides flexible payment options for learners via PayPal, credit card or debit card
  • Offers seamless integration with the full features of the GoToTraining platform
  • No additional monthly fee

“We’ve identified a substantial opportunity for businesses to grow revenue in the training space and have responded by offering an incredibly easy way to set up, collect and track training payments using a simple and effective integrated online training solution,” said Bernardo de Albergaria, vice president and general manager of collaboration, Citrix Online.

Introduced last year, GoToTraining allows businesses of all sizes to easily move their learning programs online and instantly deliver live, interactive training sessions to learners at any location. Trainers can broaden their reach and effectiveness while saving time and lowering travel costs. In addition to integrated payment processing, additional features include full-service registration, content library and material distribution, real-time curriculum management, application and desktop screen sharing, testing and integrated toll-free audio conferencing.

“Working with Citrix Online, we’ve made it very easy for trainers to integrate the payment processing functionality to their training programs while also enabling flexible payment options for their customers,” said Naveed Anwar, senior director of PayPal Developer Network. “In just a few simple steps, training organizers can link directly to their existing PayPal account, or have the option to create a new account quickly and easily, and start charging for trainings. Learners have the option of paying for training sessions using PayPal, credit or debit card.”

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