Open Kernel Labs Teams with Citrix to Take Smart Phones to the Next Level with Virtualization Powered Nirvana Phone

Open Kernel Labs Teams with Citrix to Take Smart Phones to the Next Level with Virtualization Powered “Nirvana Phone” Communications Platform Builds on Mobile-to-Enterprise Virtualization Giving IT & Mobile Workers a Single Device in the Office, on the Road, and at Home

Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs) , the leading global provider of embedded virtualization software for mobile phones and broadband Internet devices, and Citrix Systems, Inc. , today announced the “nirvana phone” reference architecture, using virtualization to enable both mobile communications and office desktop-type productivity. The nirvana phone concept goes beyond traditional smart phones by allowing users to access their corporate virtual desktop and applications from a single device, in any location. With support for docking to full-sized displays, keyboards, mice and other PC-type peripherals, nirvana phones will offer mobile workers a complete “virtual desktop in your pocket,” allowing them to take their desktop anywhere without the need to carry around a full laptop.

The nirvana phone reference architecture emerges from the partnership between OK Labs and Citrix, together with key ecosystem partners ranging from semiconductor suppliers and handset OEMs to enterprise IT suppliers and mobile network operators (MNOs). The design builds on Mobile-to-Enterprise (M2E) virtualization and readily-available functionality like mobile virtualization, cloud computing and wireless connectivity (3G, WiFi, Bluetooth). The nirvana phone reference architecture also incorporates emerging capabilities in mobile chipsets and handsets like full resolution video and HD output. The jointly-developed reference architecture can be viewed at ..

“The nirvana phone takes smart phones to the next level by bringing M2E from paradigm to platform and ultimately to product,” noted Chris Fleck, VP of Community and Solutions Development, Citrix. “As HD video and other capabilities come on line in mobile chipsets, Citrix and OK Labs are working together to give OEMs a clear path to building handsets that meet the needs of IT organizations and mobile workers alike, delivering virtual desktops and applications to virtualized mobile devices.”
“The nirvana phone will provide groundbreaking capabilities without breaking IT budgets with exotic technology,” said Steve Subar, President and CEO, OK Labs. “The nirvana phone represents a near-term paradigm shift — OK Labs, Citrix, and our ecosystem partners envision real-world converged nirvana devices enabled for both mobility and desktop productivity entering the market within 12 to 18 months.”

Mobile-to-Enterprise (M2E) Virtualization

Citrix Systems is both a strategic investor and a key partner for OK Labs, working with the company to provide solutions for delivering enterprise applications to mobile with M2E virtualization. The companies’ combined technologies, including Citrix desktop virtualization and the OKL4 mobile virtualization solutions, promise easily-deployed and securely-managed access to enterprise and desktop applications from wireless devices. M2E virtualization enables end users to leverage a single device, bridging corporate and personal worlds without risk of compromising company data, applications, or networks.



DEMO: The Nirvana Phone in Action




Learn About the Nirvana Phone — February 9, 2010 Webinar

The joint event from OK Labs and Citrix will give participants insight into the details of the nirvana phone design and the benefits it provides.
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Open Kernel Labs

OK Labs is the global leader in virtualization software for mobile devices, consumer electronics, and embedded systems. Backed by the largest independent team of microkernel developers, OKL4 is deployed on more than 500 million mobile phones worldwide. Device OEMs, semiconductor suppliers, and mobile network operators depend on OK Labs to deliver high performance solutions that decrease BOM cost, reduce complexity, and speed time-to-market.

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