RDT Jetro announces support of Microsofts RDC 7 in COCKPIT Version 4.1

RDT Jetro, a leading provider of server-based application virtualization software solutions, today announced that the newest version of its flagship COCKPIT® solution now supports Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Client (RDC) version 7, enhancing user experience for COCKPIT Version 4.1 customers.

COCKPIT Version 4.1, released for customers in November 2009, introduced a variety of advanced features across all of the product’s components – including the Server Back-End, Clients and Administrator Console. The feature-rich COCKPIT Version 4.1 also boasts a new integrated Printing module that supports both Universal Printing and Native Printing modes, a centralized, integrated management of both the Application Delivery and the Secure Browsing solutions, and more.
“The release of COCKPIT Version 4.1 at the end of 2009 was a great success, as proven by the positive feedback we’ve received from customers who have implemented the platform into their corporate networks,” said Giora Shaked, CEO of RDT Jetro. “We are now happy to announce that the platform also supports Microsoft RDC 7, giving our customers higher-quality user experience than ever before. By upgrading to RDC 7, COCKPIT users will enjoy better handling of graphic-intensive content, higher quality video, enhanced audio capabilities and much more even at low bandwidth situations.”

The new COCKPIT Version 4.1 version is available at no extra charge to all Jetro COCKPIT users included under the annual maintenance contract service . User meeting the perquisites as set by Microsoft may gain access to the benefits of the new Remote Desktop Client.

The benefits gained by Jetro COCKPIT users when upgrading to RDC 7 include:

  • Enhanced Bitmap Acceleration: improves the remote display of graphics-intensive applications even when using high latency / low bandwidth connections negating the benefits previously gained by using ICA. This is especially evident when using a variety of MS Office applications such as PowerPoint, Flash, and Silverlight.

  • Windows Media Player Redirection: enables content hosted in WMP to be redirected to the client for decoding on the users’ computers. This improves the quality of the video and ensures that video and audio are always in sync. The feature works for both full Windows Media Player and Windows Media Player controls hosted in Web pages.

  • Bi-directional Audio: redirect audio recording devices such as microphones on the client computer. This is ideal for conferencing sessions and all other instances requiring audio input.

  • True Multi-monitor Support: the newly released Remote Desktop Services now includes true multi-monitor support for up to 16 monitors. Serving both Remote Desktop as well as Cockpit hosted programs, this feature powers COCKPIT Version 4.1 users with the best user experience available today to SBC clients (not compatible with Aero Glass)

  • Aero Glass Support: Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 did not support Aero Glass remoting for sessions. This is now supported in Windows Server 2008 R2 Remote Desktop Services (not compatible with multi monitor support)


About RDT-Jetro

Jetro Platforms Ltd. is a leading server-based application delivery and virtualization solutions vendor. Jetro’s advanced software enables corporations to benefit from a centralized, secure delivery of applications across the entire organization. Trough its leading COCKPIT® and COCKPIT2i™ product lines, Jetro has established itself at the forefront of the IT industry, serving customers in the Server Based Computing (SBC) and Network Security markets. Jetro Platforms Ltd. is fully owned by the RDT group, one of the leading Israeli technology groups since 1963. Jetro Platforms has distributors in 15 countries and serves hundreds of thousands of users across all industries.