RES Software prepares for Next Generation IT Store

Workspace virtualization leader RES Software announced the next step in the evolution of the company’s self-service and IT automation strategy. A new, Boston-based dedicated research office will open this quarter and focus on readying the company’s next generation RES IT Store product.

Expected to debut in the second half of 2013, the RES IT Store will allow users to request access to applications, data and a wide array of IT services via self-service. Unlike traditional enterprise app store products, the RES IT Store will support all applications and IT services across all platforms. RES Software technology has been proven in large enterprise deployments and boasts automation technology and workflow capabilities missing from solutions that focus solely on the app store user interface or desktop management.

“Since RES Software was founded more than 14 years ago, our CTO and Co-founder Bob Janssen has committed to keeping our technology one step ahead, ensuring that we can help IT departments deliver the best quality services, at the lowest cost with the right levels of security and compliance,” said Klaus Beiser, CEO of RES Software. “Today that means helping the enterprise move toward an IT store model that combines the convenience of user self-servicing with the efficiency of automation to help IT operate at its fullest potential and deliver true value to the business. We are increasing our investment in our development team, which we see as a critical step in continuing to achieve our vision.”

RES Software is opening a new research facility in Boston that will include a cross functional team of program managers, developers and consultants dedicated to designing solutions to help enterprise customers successfully overcome the challenges tied to the growing adoption of smartphones, tablets and Macs. This new team, called RES Research Boston, will lead efforts for the integration of the RES IT Store with alternative operating systems, mobile and cloud platforms as well as leading IT service management solutions to provide a flexible solution that simplifies how IT delivers services in today’s hybrid environments.

RES Research Boston will be led by Bob Janssen, Co-founder and CTO, and Jeff Fisher, VP of Strategy. The facility will be located in Boston’s burgeoning Innovation District, where the company has announced several new job openings. More information about the open positions can be found at

Jeff Fisher, VP of Strategy for RES Software, said, “Our vision for the RES IT Store expands across all device types, technology platforms and includes all of the IT services that enterprise users will need, freeing IT to focus on more strategic initiatives. We see the seamless integration of our technology with that of our ecosystem partners as a critical component of making the RES IT Store a success.”

RES Research Boston joins the global network of development centers that RES Software has in The Netherlands and Romania and will work closely with RES Labs, which is responsible for all of the company’s primary research as well as its patent portfolio.