Sepago releases Profile Migrator 1.0

sepago, inventors of the Citrix User Profile Manager, offer a new solution for profile migration from today: For the first time, Profile MigratorTM enables network administrators to migrate user settings for Windows operating systems as well as for arbitrary windows-based applications on clients and servers. The effect: Users familiarize themselves with their new work environment more quickly and don’t need to embark on their own time-consuming restoration of their personal settings. The increased business continuity significantly reduces the cost of migration for large enterprises. Profile MigratorTM supports system changeovers to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, the virtualization of desktops and servers and the introduction of 64 bit systems. Apart from the operating system change, the software also permits migration of the user settings if version upgrades of widespread programs are undertaken. As administrators select their users’ applications that are to be migrated, the migration of the settings simultaneously results in a profile clean-up. The program is now available for download from for a free 30-day evaluation.

Users spend considerable time customizing their work environment. For the desktop, backgrounds, screen savers or skins are adapted to the personal mood. But templates, standard formats, signatures, shortcuts, macros and add-ins, settings for saving, font sizes or toolbars are also configured to meet the personal requirements and the user’s working habits.
The migration of these settings saved in the user profiles is a complex matter, however, and for this reason rarely takes place. After a system upgrade, these settings are missing and users spend their working time on restoring their settings. In doing so, they often make use of support from the user helpdesk. This causes hidden follow-on cost in enterprises, which grows with the number of desktops provisioned.
sepago’s new software provides a remedy: Profile MigratorTM can be used for practically all migration scenarios, allowing the centrally controlled migration of the user settings for the system components
and applications selected by the administrator. The intuitive graphical user interface permits fast execution of the profile migration in three simple steps.

Profile MigratorTM is now available for download from for a free 30-day evaluation. The web site also includes a ROI calculator to highlight the hidden cost of not carrying out profile migration, showing the rapid return on investment that the software provides.

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