SMS PASSCODE Version 4.0: The industry’s broadest Virtual Desktop Support covering Citrix, Microsoft and VMware

First, at Citrix Synergy, SMS Passcode was honored to be named one of just 6 “Citrix Solution of the Year Finalists” next to prestigious vendors like HP and Wyse. This is mainly driven by the work they have done in supporting the Citrix market as well as the Citrix / SMSPASSCODE jointly developed Citrix Receiver for iPhone SMS authentication support.

Secondly, today SMS Passcode released their latest version 4, which is among the most all-encompassing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure two-factor authentication solutions in the market supporting a range of different login scenarios from the major vendors Citrix, Microsoft and VMware. Now there is a lot of hype, “pre-announcements” etc. within this area, so SMS Passcode is pleased to say, that we released the software today at the same time as we announced. Aside from VDI, the solution adds more Microsoft support but also introduces a new innovative concept we call memopasscodes, a new easier to remember passcode generator. The concept still adhere to the stringent rules of randomness, but makes passcodes that are easier to the users and therefore satisfaction and productivity. This is something that I find innovative and think will be hard to implement in traditional solutions dependent on already distributed hardware token devices.

Four Good Reasons For SMS PASSCODE® Version 4:

1.    The broadest Citrix XenDesktop, XenApp and Access Gateway two-factor authentication via SMS solution
2.    The broadest Microsoft Windows, Web and VDI two-factor authentication solution including single sign-on
3.    The world’s first integrated SMS authentication solution for VMware View Portal and Client VDI
4.    Industry leading Microsoft ISA/TMG and Web protection solution

When an IT organization deploys a virtualized desktop infrastructure, all users essentially get a central “virtual” desktop that is accessed remotely. The benefit is easier user PC management but the trade-off is that all the IT resources including the PC, applications and data are accessible if the users identity is compromised. This fact drives the need for increased two-factor authentication for all users. The award winning SMS PASSCODE® Version 4 introduces an easy to use yet more secure protection compared with legacy hardware based two-factor authentication.

Secure and easy Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp access
The Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp solutions have a range of access methods that are supported including a seamless integration into the web interface portal access and the range of access gateways. No other two-factor authentication solution supports equally seamless integration!
Extensive Microsoft Remote Desktop Services protection
Microsoft has a set of access methods spanning from direct login via Windows XP, Vista and 7 login (Gina and Credentials Provider) or via the Remote Desktop Web and Gateway services. Support is announced for all of these access scenarios including support for single-sign on configurations.

World’s first SMS authentication for VMware View Virtual Desktop
SMS PASSCODE® is the first two-factor authentication via SMS provider to support the VMware View portal supporting a series of differentiated login configurations based on the user being local or remote and the virtual desktops being accessed by a given user. The solution offers a very intuitive yet differentiated virtual desktop login experience.

Microsoft ISA/TMG support
In addition to the extensive VDI support, version 4 also introduces native Microsoft ISA / TMG server support for web sites and infrastructure access protection as well as Microsoft VPN support. The implementation of ISA/TMG also improves the support for Remote Desktop Web Access and single sign-on.

Memopasscodes™ – a new SMS PASSCODE invention
Often users are challenged with remembering complex code combinations that arise from the desire to have a fully compliant random code generation. SMS PASSCODE® memopasscodes™ changes that enabling easy-to-remember code combinations yet generated to be fully compliant with random code requirements.

Enhanced Configuration tool
The new Configuration Tool has been considerably improved for easy configuration of advanced settings regarding Windows Logon Protection and RADIUS Client Protection. The Configuration Tool has also been extended with an import/export feature which allows to export of all settings to a file, and afterwards import of all settings from this file (e.g. on a different server).




















SMS PASSCODE® version 4 is available today for download. Existing customers on a current Software Assurance plan will receive a separate email with details on how to get access to the new version. For new customers interested in learning more about the solution, please visit our website and contact the distributor or reseller in your market. 

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