smsPasscode 6.1 released with new enhancements


New location and behavior awareness leverages the unique session-specific real-time login process of SMS PASSCODE® to increase security via detecting, alerting and if configured blocking potential threats like real-time phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

New SMS PASSCODE 6.1 adds location and behavior awareness to its renowned session-specific login technology protecting against the newest threats

SMS PASSCODE A/S – The recognized technology leader in multi-factor authentication for identity protection, today announced SMS PASSCODE® version 6.1. The new solution uses contextual information such as location and login behavior combined with our real-time session- specific login process, to detect, alert and if configured so to shield users from advanced threats (popularly known as real-time phishing, man-in-the-middle and similar attacks). The patent pending technology enables IT to increase security based on a user’s location and login history combined with a personalized authentication experience where preferences are set via policies. Specifically, the new solution provides the following capabilities:

Location context: A new platform for collecting contextual information that is used for detection and protection based on the user’s location and organization information. This can either be used to limit access by certain parameters like non-trusted countries or to simply alert a user about the location within the one-time-password message. If the location listed is obviously not the same as the user’s known location, login by real-time phishing or man-in-the-middle attacks can be detected and alerted based on SMS PASSSCODE’s unique real-time global one-time-password delivery platform.

Behavior aware login: The new version 6.1 also opens up for a policy driven more personalized login experience where usage history such as login locations over time can be used to increase or decrease the alert and limitations granted to a given user. The authentication platform also enables personalized SMS PASSCODE® message formats based on the company’s preferences or a user’s behavior (e.g. when logging in from a commonly used location, the SMS can say “trusted location” whereas for other locations it can list the country, organization or similar contextual information). This is based on the novel MessageDesigner feature.

The new capabilities augments and builds on the SMS PASSCODE® award-winning real-time session-specific login architecture and further expands our technology leadership offering more secure remote access delivered with the ease-of-use and easy administration that SMS PASSCODE® is renowned for.

Essentially, once a user accesses a corporate network or application, the user first validates user credentials after which SMS PASSCODE® identifies location information and generates and sends in real-time a one-time-password code only valid for that login attempt to the user’s mobile device via text SMS message, voice call or secure e-mail. Due to the real-time capability, the code can contain session-specific, contextual information such as the location of the user, and once this code is entered and validated, the user is granted access. Combined with the above behavior aware workflow capabilities, this enables IT security to utilize the user behavior to increase or decrease security policies as needed. This represents a new generation award-winning, more secure login solution.

“The sophistication of attacks is rapidly evolving, and with version 6.1 we are responding to this in an innovative new way that leverages our unique real-time session-specific platform to increase security against the latest real-time phishing and man-in-the-middle threats” says Claus Rosendal, co-founder and CTO, SMS PASSCODE. “As always, in version 6.1 we have also strived to have a good balance between delivering the highest security needed without compromising our flexible customization, ease-of-use and ease-of-administration” he continues.

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To learn more about SMS PASSCODE®, please visit The new version 6.1 is available this month. An email with upgrade instructions will go out to all existing customers on a current Software Assurance agreement. To try out SMS PASSCODE® live on your own mobile phone, visit:

SMS PASSCODE® is the leading technology in two-factor authentication using your mobile phone. To protect against the rise in internet based identity theft hitting both consumers and corporate employees, SMS PASSCODE® offers a stronger authentication via the mobile phone SMS service compared to traditional alternatives. SMS PASSCODE® installs in minutes and is much easier to implement and administer with the added benefit that users find it an intuitively smart way to gain better protection. The solution offers out-of-the-box protection of standard login systems such as Citrix, Cisco, Microsoft, Juniper and other IPsec and SSL VPN systems as well as web sites. Installed at thousands of sites, this is a proven patent pending technology. In the last year, SMS PASSCODE has been named to the Gartner Group Magic Quadrant on User Authentication, awarded twice to the prestigious Red Herring 100 most interesting tech companies list, a Secure Computing Magazine Top 5 Security Innovator, InfoSecurity Guide Best two-factor authentication, a Citrix Solution of the Year Finalist, White Bull top 30 EMEA companies, a Gazelle 2010 and 2011 Fast Growth firm and a ComOn most promising IT company Award. For more information visit: or our blog at